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Pallet Mobile

Pallet Mobile is a secure wallet with enhanced key management and secure device access.
From the experts in encryption and web security, Pallet Mobile brings users effortless and secure transactions.

cryptocurrency wallet that is white and looks like iphone with ethereum, AMO, bitcoin wallets. Iti s a multi crpytocurrency wallet it is a best ERC-20 token wallet as it can eventually support  all types of ERC-20 token. The UI is very easy and and intuitive anyone can use without difficulty. it is the most safe cryptocurrency wallet. All confidential data such as private key, PIN, password, personal data are encrypted and safely stored in TEE. Popular external wallets like MyEtherWallet can be added and managed using Pallet. It is support more types of hot wallet. Accessing your account requires multifactor authentication. so it is extremely hard for hackers to hack into your wallet.

Safely store and transfer cryptocurrency with encryption

Pallet Mobile applies end-to-end encryption and key management for total security throughout the cryptocurrency environment. Private keys are never exposed to any third parties.

Add external hot wallets

Manage popular wallets like MyEtherWallet in Pallet Mobile. Use QR code to quickly add your hot wallets.

Multi-factor authentication

Pallet Mobile secures device access with OTP, PIN, and biometric authentication with fingerprints.

Multi-currency support

Pallet Mobile supports a variety of coins to meet user demands, and allows for multiple wallets for ease of use.

Easy, intuitive interface

No difficult directions, no going in circles — Pallet Mobile provides an accessible interface for cryptocurrency transactions.

Coming Soon

Pallet Mobile - Services

Backup service

Did you forget your 12 mnemonic words?
Not a problem. Pallet Mobile backup service will not only restore mnemonic codes, but also your user data.

Convenient ICO participation

Complete the KYC process through Pallet Mobile and users on the whitelist can complete the KYC process of participating ICOs with a click of a button.

Compatibility with h/w wallets

Pallet device-type hardware wallet, featuring a display and hack-proof security features, works in conjunction with Pallet Mobile to provide hot cryptocurrency transactions and cold storage of private keys.

Coming Soon

Pallet - Hardware wallet

Inspired by the golden ratio of a regular pentagon, the Pallet stands for uniformity and solidity.

Pallet will work in conjunction with the Pallet mobile application to keep your private key secure offline while maintaining the ease of web-based transactions.

Dust Proof
Water Proof
Cryptocurrency hardware wallet that is black and white with two buttons at the top. It has smooth and sexy design with a classic E-ink display that provides a longer and lasting battery. The hardware wallet made by Penta Security Systems is the world's first cryptocurrency hardware wallet that has blootooth and near field communication function and provides wireless charger. It contains the most secure crpyto chip. The crpytocurrency hardware wallet provides most secure security with combination of technology. The combination of quantum number generator and physical unclonable function disables even a super quantum computer to hack into a wallet. So it is impossible to hack Pallet black hardware wallet.



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